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Best Affordable Telehealth Options Even Without Insurance

Without health insurance, it can be extremely difficult and expensive to seek medical treatment in the United States.

Telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular and making it more affordable for those who don’t have insurance.

You can easily and quickly call a doctor using your smartphone or computer.

Connecting with a doctor online is a great way to save money, whether you need urgent care or wellness visits.

These are the top telemedicine options for those without insurance. We also show you how much each one costs. You may be eligible for free telehealth visits if you have insurance.

Pro TipThe U.S. has a system where your job is usually tied to your health insurance. Unemployed people have a few options for health insurance.

What is the Cost of a Telehealth Visit without Insurance?

If you don’t have insurance to reduce your medical bills, the cost is always a major concern. The cost of care varies because each provider has its own pricing structure and options.

The type of care provider and length of the visit will affect the price. Virtual visits are more expensive than in-person visits, with a median cost of $40 to $79. However, urgent care visits can be cheaper.

The average cost of basic and urgent care in the five telehealth providers that we selected is $68. For $49., you can visit a GoodRx Care doctor.

Subscribe to some providers like GoodRx Care and save money on your ongoing care.

5 Affordable Options for Telemedicine

Company Cost Services
GoodRx Care $19-$49 General care LEARN MORE
MDLive $82-284 Urgent care, general, mental health, dermatology LEARN MORE
Teladoc $75-$99 General care, mental health, dermatology LEARN MORE
Doctor on Demand $54-$229 General, mental, preventative, and chronic care LEARN MORE
Amwell $79 General, mental, and women’s health LEARN MORE
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GoodRx Care

The Key Features

  • General medical care
  • Flexible family plan
  • Subscriptions offer lower prices


$49 per visit

Without membership

$19 per visit

With Gold Membership

GoodRx is a well-known online health care provider that bargain hunters use to save money on prescriptions. GoodRx Care, an online telemedicine service that GoodRx launched in 2019, has added to its offerings.

GoodRx Care provides a range of services, including preventative care, sexual health, and management of chronic diseases.

GoodRx Care allows you to see a doctor for as low as $49 per visit. There is no need for insurance. You can also sign up for the Gold Membership if you require more frequent medical attention. This brings down the cost to $19 per visit.

For $9.99 per month, a Gold Membership is for an individual and $19.99 for a family. Your family plan can accommodate up to five members. You can also include grandparents and children.

Additional benefits include accessing over 1000 prescriptions for as low as $10

Other Telemedicine Options if You don’t have Insurance

The Key Features

  • General Care
  • Mental Health
  • Dermatology


$82 per visit

Urgent Care

$108 per visit

Mental Health Therapy

$284 per visit

Mental Health Psychiatry

$95 per visit


MDLive, one of many telehealth companies that offer plans with health insurance, is often included. MDLive offers its services to people without insurance.

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Sign up quickly to access urgent care, mental healthcare, and dermatology providers from your home.

MDLive pricing varies depending upon the type of service you choose. However, all costs are disclosed upfront before you start your sessions so there are no surprises. An initial visit will cost you anywhere from $82 up to $284.

MDLive providers have an average of 10 years of experience and can help with allergies and birth control, cold and flu symptoms, and coughing. They also can help with addiction, anxiety, and depression as well as acne, alopecia, and cysts.

Pro TipNo matter what your insurance policy, mental health care is vital. Find out how to get free or low-cost treatment and therapy apps that fit your budget if you are in need.

The Key Features

  • General Care
  • Mental Health
  • Dermatology


$75 per visit

General Care

$95 per visit


$99 per visit

Mental Health

Teladoc, another popular telemedicine provider, is a good option for virtual care.

Patients can make appointments to receive general and urgent care as well as to consult mental health professionals. Teladoc provides access to nutritionists and dermatologists for those who don’t have insurance.

All you have to do to get started with Teladoc is create an account and enter your information. Teladoc will determine which services you are eligible for based on the information you provide.

If you need prescriptions, Teladoc can send them to your local pharmacy. Teladoc is another reason why you don’t have to travel far to get affordable medical care.

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The Key Features

  • General Medical Care
  • Mental Health
  • Preventative and Chronic Care


$54 per 15-minute visit

Certified Clinician

$79-$179 per visit


$229 initial, $179 follow-up


A doctor on demand was a doctor who came to your home with a black bag and a prescription. Doctor on Demand allows you to summon a doctor to your house for a virtual visit.

Doctor on Demand offers a variety of medical specialists available 24 hours a day, including experts in everyday care and skin conditions.

You can access personalized care 24/7 with the 24-hour service.

According to Doctor On Demand, providers often help with allergies, mental and physical health, UTIs (colds, flus), and medication refills. You can also get advice on nutrition and medication management for preventative health.

The Key Features

  • General Medical Care
  • Mental Health
  • Pediatrics & Women’s Health


$79 per visit

Urgent Care


Mental Health Therapy

$279 initial, $109 after-sales


Amwell is another option for virtual care. The app allows you to see care providers, including mental health professionals, 24/7. This makes it easy to address your concerns from anywhere in the world. Amwell can be accessed via a smartphone or a landline phone.

Amwell allows you to instantly start speaking with providers after you have created an account.

You can access video calls via the mobile app, but you can also make a voice-only consultation over the phone.

Amwell’s services include emergency care, mental health services, and nutritional counseling.

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