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Here is How Much Do YouTubers Make Monthly

If you’re interested in making money from a side job and a YouTube channel could be an interesting idea. Of course, making YouTube videos might seem like fun. However, if you plan to make use of YouTube as a side hustle, it must also generate a decent income. It is feasible to earn money via YouTube. Indeed, many earn a substantial earnings through the platform. So how much do YouTubers make?

Let’s have a review of how it is possible to earn money from YouTube and the amount you can earn as a creator of videos and publisher on YouTube’s platform.

How can I earn money from YouTube?

If you’re a YouTuber, you’ll have a variety of ways to earn money from your followers. We will go over the various ways below. If your channel is focused on food or gaming or is a celebrity fashion influencer These are all viable ways to earn money!

1. Revenue from advertising

But, if you’re looking for a way to earn money from YouTube with Adsense? It’s feasible. Ad revenue is a way to earn a living through YouTube.

Like other websites on the internet, YouTubers also earn ad revenue. Though the amount of money earned will vary a little bit based on the channel, however, you could earn money through hundreds of views.

Most YouTubers earn $18 per 1,000 ad views. It’s about three to five dollars per 1,000 views. Of course, this will vary according to your channel however, it will give you an idea of what is required to earn a living through YouTube.

YouTube as well as Google Adsense change their payment conditions on a regular basis. It is important to be aware of the terms of payment prior to beginning. Importantly, you can’t take your money out until you have an amount of $100.

Note: To earn cash from ads on YouTube you must be 18, (or be accompanied by a parent who is at the age of 18). Additionally, your channel should have at least 4,000 hours of overall view time in the last twelve months, and be subscribed to by a minimum, of 1,000 subscribers.

2. YouTube video sponsorship

If your website has a significant audience, then companies may be interested in partnering with you on sponsorship opportunities. When you have a steady stream of loyal customers, you may discover more lucrative sponsorship opportunities.

The opportunities for sponsorship may differ according to your target audience and the company. For instance, you may be paid cash for promoting products. Also, you could get the products for free instead.

Sponsorships are only lucrative only if you have a significant audience. The number of sponsorships you can secure will be contingent on the nature of your channel as well as the quality of your viewers.

3. Products are sold on YouTube

If you’ve created a brand around your YouTube channel you may find that your fans are looking to create your own products. You could earn money through your YouTube channel by selling items that attract your viewers.

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Some merchandise options include traditional t-shirts, hats, and bags. You can extend your reach to other products with a brand name that will draw the attention of your followers. For instance, if, example, there is a channel for cooking on YouTube or other platforms, you may decide to market kitchen appliances.

With a loyal following, it is possible to sell products. When you do not have a loyal public, then launching product ideas can backfire.

After you’ve invested time and time and money in the creation of merchandise for your followers It can be disappointing if no buyers are interested in your product. Be aware of your followers and the quality of your followers prior to pursuing the sale of your product.

4. Affiliate links

The practice of affiliate marketing can be a popular method that YouTubers to earn a living. Affiliate links can enable you to receive a fee when a person who follows you purchases the item. Let’s suppose that you promoted an Amazon product and provided the affiliate hyperlink.

When a person who follows you clicks the link to buy the product and you be paid a small proportion of the sales. In time the small commissions can grow into significant revenue.

Of course, you’ll require a substantial audience to make significant amounts of money from affiliate marketing. If you’ve got a following who trusts your advice and trust your opinion, then earning some cash by affiliate marketing is feasible.

If you believe that an item can benefit your viewers and you think it is a good idea to include an affiliate link within your video. But, it is important to only link to affiliates that you believe will benefit your viewers. If not, it can be negative for your followers if the majority of your suggestions aren’t beneficial for your audience.

5. Premium memberships

When you have built your following to a steady stream of users who love your content, you may look into offering premium memberships on your channel in order to earn more income through YouTube.

The fact that your users are YouTube premium subscribers can provide them with additional benefits like additional material and badges. This lets you stay connected with your viewers and earn money.

6. YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program is a fantastic alternative to be aware of. It could help you earn more money from advertisements because it is revenue sharing.

If you’re looking to make money through YouTube it is recommended to add this to your list as soon as you can. You will require an AdSense account There are additional requirements.

7. Merch Shelf

You can offer your products on YouTube by using the Merch Shelf when you meet the requirements. The Merch Shelf allows creators the right to show their official products on YouTube. It’s a fantastic opportunity to earn money and is definitely worth considering.

What is the average amount you can earn through YouTube?

You can make a lot of money from YouTube. In reality, certain YouTubers make millions of dollars every year. Some examples for success YouTubers include:

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Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is a YouTube makeup and cosmetics expert who started her YouTube career in the year 2006. She has been able to accumulate an net worth of more than $50 million.

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan is a certified makeup artist who began demonstrating her talent on YouTube. In response to her YouTube success she came up with the well-known cosmetics line Huda Beauty. Because of her dedication to her business, she has earned an estimated net worth of $560 million.

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is a comedian who started her social media platform in 2011 as a way to combat depression. Her channel has generated a minimum of $10 million.


PewDiePie made an estimated $13 million in the year 2020 thanks to his platform, which is focused on video games.

Ryan Kaji

Ryan Kaji started YouTube at only 3 old (with the assistance of his parents) and is currently high on the income chart for YouTube. He was the top earner in 2019 and made $26 million!

How can you start earning money through Youtube?

If you are looking to earn an income through YouTube you must be distinctive. Before you even begin posting videos, consider what you’d like to achieve by your channel. Which kind of fans do you hope to acquire? What message do you intend to share with the world?

Are you interested in creating videos about your day-to-day life? Are you planning to create videos of a sitdown about specific subjects? Whatever you decide to make, ensure that it stands above the rest.

For instance, The Clever Girl Finance YouTube channel has unique content specifically geared toward women who want to make their finances better. Go through it to begin making your own fresh ideas.

When you begin making videos, you should aim for the most basic metrics. The first goal is to reach 1,000 subscribers. Once you reach that number, you could target 4000 hours of video watched over the last year.

It will assist you in getting going with some advertising revenue. Then, you can explore other strategies for monetization in line with your current.

Be real about YouTube earnings as you begin with

With potential earnings to reach millions, it’s easy to be amazed at the possibilities of the YouTube channels you have. Although it is feasible, it is very difficult to make it into the lucrative earnings of YouTube due to a variety of reasons.

In the beginning, it isn’t easy to create an audience. The world of digital on YouTube is very competitive. with 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute, it is challenging to differentiate yourself in the rest of the pack.

Since it’s difficult to establish a following, YouTubers who don’t make a lot of money have nothing to be proud of. Actually, most YouTubers don’t make any more than the U.S. poverty line. This is around $12,000. Even those with large followings have to work hard to make a living.

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While it may seem easy to upload several videos and sit back and watch the traffic come in but it requires more effort than it takes. It is crucial that you put in the time to understand how to create an audience and produce impactful videos regularly.

Other considerations to consider to earn money from YouTube

Below are some additional details to keep in mind when trying to earn money from YouTube in addition to other things to consider.

YouTube niches that generate money

The type of subject matter you choose to cover when creating the YouTube channel is crucial. While there are viewers for a variety of subjects, certain topics are more well-known than others and offer the possibility of helping you increase your earnings.

As per Jack Cao, some of the most profitable niches to earn money from YouTube according to the order of their profitability and rated by CPM are money-making online marketing for social media, as well as finance and investing.

There’s no doubt that there is a wide range of subjects that you can discuss for your channels, however, these are the most popular. A company pays for its advertisements seen by numerous viewers, and that popularity can stem from many areas.

If there’s an area you are familiar with well, then explore it. You can choose anything that interests you including playing Minecraft or creating watercolor artwork.

Learn from YouTube’s creators and stars

Although everyone has their own distinct perspective to add to YouTube you can benefit from the experiences of others. Take a moment to think about the reasons you love watching the YouTube channels you like.

What makes you want to watch their videos? Do you think it’s the style of their videos? The content they make? Find ways to incorporate this idea into your own work to make it specific to you.

YouTube stars have made their mark due to a reason at the very least. YouTube personalities such as Markiplier (Mark Fischbach), Jeffree Star, and others, have a distinct areas of expertise and are extremely popular. You should find out what stars in the field you’d like to be part of performing differently.

Do they have chats with their followers and subscribers often? Do they make use of super-chat and stickers in live chats? Perhaps they have a fantastic team who helps them make their videos. Find out what is working by studying the people who have succeeded.

You can earn money from YouTube!

If you’re seeking to build a distinctive channel and you are enjoying it, you should definitely. Why not give it a shot? With a brilliant idea and a little luck, you could become the next YouTube star.

On the other hand, YouTube is not the most reliable way to earn an income. If your aim is to earn more money through an extra-income stream, you should think about alternatives.

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