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How To Get Paid For Writing as a Freelance Writer

Writing freelance isn’t always straightforward. It can however bring flexibility and peace into your lifestyle. With seemingly endless income, it holds the potential to transform your financial situation for good. If you’re interested in how you can become a writer for hire, follow this article. We’ve got the advice you require to begin and earn money writing!

The earnings potential for freelance writers

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for writers is $62,120. From my personal knowledge, I’ve realized that this number could be higher. I make more than that every year. However, I know many other writers who earn more than I.

The earnings potential is what you’re willing to put into. If you’re determined to put in the effort to develop an aspiring writing profession to its full potential, you could be earning greater than the median. There are also perks like flexible work hours and the possibility of working anywhere, making this career choice very appealing.

It’s among the most lucrative work-from-home opportunities you can have and the best part is that you can be taught how to write on a freelance basis without previous experience!

Are you ready to be a freelance writer?

The first step is to discover the motivation behind becoming an independent writer. If you don’t have a compelling reason to keep you going through the long hours, it may be challenging to make your goal a reality. The advantages of being a freelance writer could be truly amazing.

There is a chance to start your own freelance business from scratch. You are able to select how much you’re willing to put in, when you can work, the location you’ll be working, and the amount you’ll be charging for the services you provide. But, you must consider the reasons these benefits are important to you.

Would you like to make use of the new ability to make more time for your children? to pursue a new interest during your spare time? or to create your own schedule when you travel around the globe? It is important to know the way these advantages affect your life.

Find something you can keep in mind. As you establish your company it is likely that you will have to work long hours in addition to your normal job. As you move closer to the point where you are capable of affording to leave your job, the more hours could become. It is important to remember the reasons you’re doing this in order to develop the courage to keep going.

How did I become a freelance writer?

When I heard about writing freelance I was convinced that it was something I would like to pursue. I wanted the freedom writing might provide me. Truthfully, I wasn’t convinced that I could make my dreams come true. In the end, earning money in the comforts of my home, and using my old laptop seemed to appeal to be real.

However, I decided to try it out and give it a shot. I began by using job boards to secure some small jobs. But, I discovered that many companies will not give writers anything more than one penny per word. Naturally, I was frustrated. Then I made the decision to sign up for an online writing course.

Through investing in myself, I was able to grow my freelance writing career from just a couple hundred dollars per month to an average of $6,000 a month. Thanks to this new job I’ve been able to invest more money in savings goals such as pension and our very first down payment. In addition, I’m in greater control over my time and income. This change in career is feasible for everyone.

Trust me when I say that if I can accomplish it, I can do it for you. It takes lots of work and commitment, but it’s possible when you are willing to commit to the effort. If you’re worried that you’re not a great writer Don’t be! You’ll improve your writing every time you write. The most important thing is to start your laptop and begin. So, let’s explore the steps to begin writing freelance without any experience.

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Before we start Let me be clear that this isn’t an opportunity to make money fast which requires no effort from you. It is an occupation that takes lots of effort and time, particularly in the beginning. It isn’t easy to get your freelance business up and running given the numerous obstacles that life can throw at you.

You can be paid to write if you are committed and effort. Take a look at these steps to begin freelance writing even if you have no prior experience!

How can you become an independent writer?

1. Pick what topic you’d like to write about.

In the beginning, you’ll need to decide on what you want to discuss in your essay. There is plenty of topics to choose from. You can be paid to write on a wide range of subjects, so select what you like. In the absence of interest, it may be difficult to stay with your plan.

Ask yourself a few questions. What inspires you? What would you be able to talk about or write about for long hours? Is there a subject you already have a nexus on? Do you have an academic background that allows you to be able to establish yourself in the writing field to become an expert?

You should think about the topics you could think of writing about in many years to be. Of course, it’s appropriate to develop your niche of writing as time passes However, you’ll have a base from which to begin. A few niches to consider include personal finance, parenting travel, and the study of science.

These are only the top of the Iceberg! You have the chance to write about virtually everything, so try you find something that excites you.

2. Create a plan

Making money through writing is a significant undertaking. You’ll need to set a timetable and adhere to it. If you’re still working at a regular job, it could be a combination of working early in the morning or late at night, or even on weekends to start the process.

Although it’s not much pleasant to wake up prior to you go to work and work on your writing assignments, the advantages over the long run are enough to be worth it. Set yourself up with a timetable that will allow you to achieve your objectives. Naturally as much time you dedicate to writing your work, the faster you’ll be able to expand your business.

3. Get your writing practice in the form of freelance writing

Practice makes perfect. Although you don’t have to be perfect in order to succeed as an author, having more experience definitely helps. Find the time to write each day. You don’t need to write a lengthy article every single day. Even a simple email pitch or a fun review of a restaurant will help you improve your writing skills.

It is also possible to practice improving the time it takes to write an article or a blog post. Since the quicker you write quality pieces that you write, the more money you’ll earn! The art of writing is the way to become a professional writer faster.

3. Develop your writing portfolio

If you’re beginning from scratch and are just beginning to think about it, the idea of making a portfolio can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! Start building your portfolio step by step. If you’re struggling with finding a publication, you might think about starting an online blog to showcase your writing skills. This will not only allow you to increase your profile but as well as improve your writing abilities.

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When you’ve got some pieces of content Start to look to guest post opportunities. Most bloggers in your area will be willing to publish a good article. You’ll be rewarded with a mention, and they’ll get the content, which is an equitable exchange. The decision to provide your writing services for no cost, in the beginning, could be a good investment in the long run.

Future clients must see the ability of your writing skills. creating outstanding work. But, you shouldn’t keep offering your writing services at no cost for a long time. After you have gained some experience and have a portfolio you can present to potential clients, you should begin charging for your services. The process of building your portfolio is a way to begin freelance writing even without any prior experience!

5. Start pitching freelance writing jobs

When you’ve got your portfolio, it’s time to begin contacting prospective clients. Research your field to identify the magazines that may be willing to accept your work. If you’ve got an idea for a website or publication that you would like to submit your work to, make contact!

Tell the editor what you enjoy about their website, and what you have to offer, and also share the latest collection of your work. Include a story idea you believe will go perfectly with the content. Don’t be afraid of pitching editors. The worst you can say is no.

Be aware that not every pitch will be successful but that’s fine. All you have to try is to keep trying and, over time, you’ll develop a successful business.

If you’re having difficulty finding the right emails to pitch, think about making use of Hunter.io. It’s a tool for free that can assist you in finding emails from editors as well as other staff members within the organization which can help you get in the proper direction. The process of submitting applications for jobs is the best way to become a freelance writer who earns a hefty income!

6. Make use of tools to enhance your abilities

Writing for freelance is a business that is low cost. If you already own access to a computer, then you’ll require nothing other than to start. However, I would highly suggest taking the plunge by investing in the right tools and training that can help you achieve success.

I am able to say with certainty that attending a course was the reason that I am able to turn my dream career into a full-time one. Without the step-by-step instructions, I had a hard time getting my career going. Choose a course you are able to identify with and then take action. Making this type of investment could put you on the path to success.

Another option to invest in your business and yourself to get your name out there is to create a website for writers. This is where you present your work, and clients will begin to find you!

7. Increase the number of writers you can offer

An excellent way to increase the amount of money you earn is to increase the scope of the writing service you provide. You could, for instance, begin as a blogger however, you can learn more regarding Search Engine Optimization and then begin to increase the price of your blog posts.

You could also expand your horizons to copywriting for magazines, magazine writing ghostwriting, writing for magazines, and much more. When you have a writing portfolio, it opens doors to earning more through various offerings. Growing your knowledge and skills will make you a freelance writer popular!

8. Just keep going

In the end, I’ll bet you’ll want to quit. With work, school, and family obligations can be an obstacle to finding the time to pursue this goal. It’s going to take lots of effort and time to earn a full-time living as a freelance writer.

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The fact that it’ll require the effort of a professional isn’t a reason to say it’s not worthwhile. Actually, the majority of worthwhile things require hard work and commitment, and freelance writing is no more or less.

If you are feeling that you’re ready to give up, take a deep breath and continue to work. Recall why you began and continue to move forward. Even if you only dedicate just a few minutes each day to work towards this objective set aside time to help your dreams become reality.

Best writing sites for freelancers

Alongside cold-calling, You can also apply for writing positions as a freelancer on the web. Beware that these job boards are very competitive. Every writer is looking for advertising jobs that pay a decent amount.

Be aware that competition is high, and you’ll have to be the best you can be. But, by enhancing your pitch, you’ll be able to stand out against the rest! However, these job boards are the perfect place to get your career going:


It is an online platform that will enable you to be paid to write fairly easily. The website is a marketplace for those looking for your talents who are willing to pay for your services if you can complete your work punctually. But, Upwork will take the amount you earn which could get old quickly.


Fivver lets you advertise your services for $5. You can choose the terms for the gig and then negotiate with interested parties via Fivver’s platform. As you build your portfolio, you are able to raise your rates.


The name says it all, Listverse pays for listicles covering a variety of subjects. It is typical to include a minimum of 10 items on your list. In the event that your listing is accepted then you’ll be awarded $100 via PayPal.


Problogger is a job board with many writing opportunities. I’ve encountered anything from romance writing to writing about the process of learning the language of another. The wide variety of jobs available on this website makes this one of the most popular websites for freelance writers and new writers. You will not only be able to submit applications for job opportunities, but you can also look up what kinds of jobs are open.

Make yourself a freelance blogger

Becoming a freelance blogger gives an unpaid list of 75 sites to look for blogging jobs paying between $50-$2,000 per blog post! This is an excellent place to find gigs to earn money as freelance writers!

Write Jobs Plus

While it is priced between $3 and $5 per month, depending on the type of subscription you choose, Write Jobs Plus is one of the top writing websites for freelancers to search for opportunities! It will deliver jobs to your inbox, which means you don’t have to search through the internet looking for opportunities. It could be worth the price of gold if you can land some decent-paying job offers.

Start a writing career as a freelancer and earn money for writing!

Now you are aware of how to become an independent writer! Writing for a living is a career that can change your life. You will not only be able to earn good earnings, but you can also have control over your life. You’ll be able to determine your timetable and goals for income to create the life you want.

Get started now with these guidelines and our list of the top writing sites for freelance writers to begin your new career! Learn more about how you can create your own business using our free course!

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