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About Shelter Insurance And How To Benefit From It

Shelter Insurance

Among many other policies, Well known Shelter insurance company has a well-laid out auto insurance policy. Shelter has been in the business of providing auto insurance since 1946.

Currently, the insurance company sells auto insurance in about 15 states, starting from their based location, Missouri. Also, they offer great policies and affordable coverage with discounts for their consumers. Moreover, there have been some minor complaints about their services.

Shelter insurance

Shelter Insurance is a mutual insurance company that offers a variety of insurance coverage. Literally, their most popular type of insurance is auto insurance; this is a simple policy that covers a car, everything related to your car, and the liability.

Furthermore, other policies that Shelter Insurance offers include property, life, and business owner’s insurance policies. Each policy provides coverage for a different area in specializes son. Just like auto insurance provides coverage for damages to your vehicle, homeowners insurance covers your house.

Shelter insurance provides protection and coverage for a lot of homeowners, boat owners, farm owners, and business owners, including apartment owners. So that, In the event that the damage is extensive, the insurance company may rebuild the structure, or it may simply reimburse the owner for the damages.

Shelter property coverage

In continuation, although shelter is known for auto coverage policies, they have other robust policies they provide in the 15 states they cover. So, in the area of property insurance, they have a list of properties they cover. Now, the types of property coverage offered by this company include:

  • Apartment owners coverage
  • Farm owners coverage
  • Homeowner coverage
  • Dwelling fire
  • Boat owner coverage
  • Mobile homeowner coverage
  • Personal inland marine
  • Farm fire

By the way, property insurance provides protection to your properties from

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Natural disaster
  • Damage
  • Injury.

However, you might have to add some of the policies separately.

Shelter home insurance discounts

  • New home discount obviously for new home buyers
  • Multiple policy discounts are also for policyholders with more than one policy with Shelter insurance.
  • Heating system discount is meant for homes with modern heating systems.
  • Claim-free discounts go to policyholders that have never filed a claim for a period of 6 years.
  • Protective device discount here is for homes with extra layers of protection in their homes like security or smoke alarms.
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Shelter auto insurance

Basically, for over decades shelter insurance company has built a reputation for auto insurance coverage. Also, their car insurance services are diverse and many. And it covers different sections of need for drivers. Their auto coverage includes:

Disability income coverage (Limited):

This coverage is specifically limited to policyholders that had a life-changing accident. As a policyholder, if you sustained an injury from a car accident, and can not continue to work, this is when you become entitled to this coverage. Ultimately, Shelter will pay you a certain amount of money for a year. However, you must ask questions and know if this coverage is eligible for your state.

New car replacement coverage

Here, it may be a brand new car or a car with not up to 15,000 mileage. Whichever is the case, Shelter gives you coverage for a brand new car. Remember, this coverage works for policyholders with brand new cars or cars with less than 15,000 mileage to their meter.

Accidental death coverage

This coverage is like compensation to your family. It kicks in if you or your spouse dies in a car accident, Shelter will pay out this coverage to your family members.

Rental reimbursement coverage

Rental covers you to rent a car for your use if your car is still in the repair place after a car accident.

Roadside assistance coverage

Shelter provides roadside assistance to the policyholders that encountered a glitch on the road. So, roadside assistance covers road emergencies like flat tires, fuel assistance, towing services, and lockout.

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Collision coverage

Furthermore, collision coverage is for the financial cost coverage in the event that your car was involved in an accident. This coverage pays for the repairs.

Comprehensive coverage

This coverage protects you from the financial loss incurred by car theft. Not only car theft, but this also covers you from car vandalism or any other damage besides car collision.

Shelter auto insurance discounts

If you purchase a car insurance policy from Shelter insurance company, you are entitled to their discounts if you become eligible.

Now, this is another way of saving money with your insurance company as a policyholder.

As it stands, Shelter insurance has a couple of discounts which are:

  • Good student discount is for policyholders that have maintained good grades in school. However, you must be unmarried and below 25 years.
  • Window identification discount for policyholders that wrote their vehicle ID on all the windows of their car.
  • Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage discounts are not available in all states.
  • Military discount for active military people. However, this is not available in all states.
  • Also, discounts for policyholders who bought life insurance coverage with their auto insurance.
  • Discounts for policyholders that constantly pay for their premiums in full at once.
  • Anti-theft device discount is for policyholders with an extra layer of protection on their car.
  • Safe driver discount for policyholders who have been driving safely for a period of time.
  • Safety discount
  • Multiple coverage discount is for policyholders that bought multiple insurances from Shelter insurance.
  • Companion policy discount is for policyholders that are at least 48 years old but also have another insurance coverage with Shelter insurance aside from their auto insurance.
  • Multi-car discount also is for policyholders that have more than one car that is insured in Shelter.
  • Discounts for policyholders that have completed the accident-prevention course.
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Shelter insurance Reviews

Literally, policyholders in Shelter insurance have not had serious issues with their insurance provider in all the 15 states where Shelter provides coverage. This means that Shelter has been doing good business and providing satisfactory services across the 15 states.

Except for minor issues like unsatisfactory jobs from agents and high premiums, the company receives very few bad reviews, generally.

How to file Shelter insurance claim

A house can be completely destroyed or severely damaged by a storm, and if you’re a homeowner, your policy will cover the damage, according to your policy. 

 For example, if your property is damaged by a flood or earthquake. You can file an insurance claim. Your policy may offer you coverage for “other structures,” which could include outbuildings, fences and decks, and detached garages.

Before attempting to file your insurance claim, you should review your policy. Most policies have a strict set of rules for filing a claim and you must follow the rules. Essentially, you are required to file an insurance claim within a specific amount of time, and you must be able to provide proof that you sustained damages.

Also, claims are not limited to homeowners. You can file a claim for your policies.

Therefore, to file a claim

Choose the insurance that you want to file a claim for and get the documents that will support those claims. Also, attach a photograph to it.

Then, email it to claimsdocuments@shelterinsurance.co

Moreover, you can file a claim online by visiting here

Log into your account and file a claim

Finally, follow the prompt

Shelter insurance pros and cons

  • Great car insurance services
  • Affordable coverage
  • Different options on policies
  • Lots of discounts


  • Not in all states
  • Some discounts are not available in some states
  • No online purchase

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