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Top 20 Biggest Banks Located in the U.S.

When you make your deposit with one of the top banks usually means that you’ll be able to access branch services in person as well as a huge ATM network, and an extensive variety of products and services which are useful for those who want to manage all your banking at one spot.

To identify the most powerful bank that is located in the U.S., we looked at the size of assets in the U.S. of institutions that provide services to small and medium-sized businesses as well as customers. The list also includes retail banks that offer personal banking rather than investment banks. The assets of a bank include the number of its loans, mortgages, and credit card accounts, among others. the number of loans it has as well as mortgages and accounts for credit cards. Some banks have branches with thousands of branches. Others are mostly or entirely online. All of them have been FDIC-insured.

Based on the size of their assets In terms of asset size, these are the 20 biggest banks that are located in the U.S. according to the Federal Reserve.

The biggest bank is located in the U.S.

1. Chase: $2.62 trillion

Chase the largest of banks for small and consumer businesses belongs to JPMorgan Chase & Co. It is one of the biggest branches of the banks with branches in all 50 states.

  • ATMs: 16,000.
  • Branch locations are more than 4,700 across the 48 US states as well as Washington, D.C., with the highest concentrations located in California as well as Texas, the East Coast, and Texas; none within Alaska and Hawaii.

2. Bank of America: $2.39 trillion

Bank of America is the second largest bank and is located in the second-largest many states. Out of the top three banks in this list Bank of America has the least branches, but it has the highest number of ATMs.

    • ATMs: About 16,000.
    • branches: About 4,100 spread across 37 states, and Washington, D.C., most of them in California and on the East Coast and Texas.

3. Wells Fargo Bank: $1.76 trillion

Wells Fargo is the bank that has the most branches. However, of the three institutions, Wells Fargo offers the least ATMs.

  • ATMs more than 12,000.
  • branches: About 4,900 spread across the 36 US states, and Washington, D.C., with a high concentration within California, Florida, and Texas.
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4. Citibank: $1.01 trillion

Citibank is among the smallest number of branches for banks on this list, however, it has a huge ATM network in the United States.

    • ATMs more than 65,000 including those within the Allpoint as well as MoneyPass networks.
    • Branching more than 650 in eleven states as well as Washington, D.C., with the highest concentrations within California as well as New York.

5. U.S. Bank: $552B

U.S. Bank offers thousands of ATMs. It also has half the branches of the three banks that top this list.

  • ATMs more than 37,000 including those within MoneyPass. MoneyPass network.
  • branches: About 2,300 are spread across 27 states with large levels of branches in California, Illinois, and Ohio.

6. PNC Bank: $547B

Then, in 2021 PNC Bank acquired BBVA USA. PNC Bank now has branches in more than half the nation.

  • ATMs are approximately 19,000; the bank can pay up to two out-of-network ATM fees per statement period.
  • Branching: More than 2800 across 28 states as well as Washington, D.C., with a high concentration of branches in Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

7. Truist Bank: $528B

Truist Bank is the result of the merger in 2019 between BB&T Bank with SunTrust Bank. It has the fifth highest number of branches than any other bank on this list, having branches on the East Coast, in the Midwest, and in the South.

  • ATMs: About 3,000.
  • Branching: Approximately 2,500 across 17 states, and Washington, D.C., with the highest concentrations of branches in Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia.

8. TD Bank: $424B

The physical reach of TD Bank isn’t as extensive as the other banks with large branches. The bank’s ATMs and branches are only available on the East Coast.

  • ATMs: 700.
  • branches: About 1,100 are spread across 15 states as well as Washington, D.C., most of them within Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey.

9. Capital One: $381B

Capital One’s Capital One network features the largest number of ATMs among banks listed on this list, however, it has there are only a handful of branches. There are some branches that include Capital One cafes, where customers can take part in free workshops and receive one-on-one financial guidance.

  • ATMs more than 75,000.
  • Branching: More than 300 in seven states, as well as Washington D.C., mostly concentrated in Louisiana and New York.
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10. Fifth Third Bank: $210B

Fifth Third Bank is concentrated mostly in The South and Midwest However, its ATM networks are the third largest among the banks on this list.

  • ATMs Over 50,000 ATMs, including ATMs within the Allpoint, Presto!, and 7-Eleven networks.
  • Branching: More than 1,200 are spread across eleven states. significant numbers within Florida, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio.

11. Citizens Bank: $188B ($188,070,000,000)

Although Citizens Bank has relatively few ATMs, customers can avail of services at around 1,000 branches throughout both the Midwest as well as the Northeast.

  • ATMs: 3,000.
  • Branching There is more than 900 branches in 14 states. There are the highest numbers within Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.

12. HSBC Bank USA: $188B ($187,956,000,000)

While it currently ranks the No. twelve on the list HSBC is soon shutting down its U.S. retail banking business. Citizens Bank and Cathay Bank have agreed to acquire HSBC’s banking business in its East as well as West Coasts respectively. Savings customers, checking, and loan accounts were transferred to Citizens either Cathay by February 20, 2022.

  • ATMs: 3,000 at Citizens Bank; more than 37,000 at Cathay Bank, including those that are part of the MoneyPass network.
  • Branches:

More than 900 accounts with Citizens Bank in 14 states and Washington, D.C., with the highest concentrations in Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.

About 60 people are employed by Cathay Bank in nine states with the majority concentrated in California.

13. KeyBank: $184B

KeyBank has the fifth-largest ATM network of banks listed on this listing (tied to BMO Harris) as well as branches in more than 12 states.

  • ATMs Over 40,000 ATMs which includes those that are part of the Allpoint network.
  • branches: More than 1,000 in the 16 US states. There are large numbers of branches in New York, Ohio, and Washington.

    14. First Republic Bank: $181B

First Republic Bank offers the most branches of brick-and-mortar banks listed on this list. It is primarily located in California.

  • ATMs: None. However, cash withdrawals are available at any ATM that has checking accounts.
  • branches: 72 locations in 10 states, with the majority located in California.
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15. Huntington National Bank: $173B ($173,414,000,000)

Huntington National Bank has several branches, however, the majority of them are located concentrated in the Midwest.

  • ATMs more than 1,600.
  • branches: More than 1000 locations across 12 states, with a high concentration within Michigan as well as Ohio.

16. Ally Bank: $173B ($172,820,000,000)

Ally is only available online and is among the two banks listed on this list with no branches. Customers are able to access their cash free of charge through the fourth-largest ATM network listed on this list.

  • ATMs more than 43,000.
  • Branches: 0.

17. BMO Harris Bank: $167B

BMO Harris offers services at only a handful of branches, yet it offers free access to hundreds of ATMs, making it the fifth-largest network in this listing (tied together with KeyBank).

  • ATMs Over 4000 ATMs with no fees which include those within the Allpoint network.
  • Branching There are more than 500 branches in 8 states with the highest numbers of them in Illinois as well as Wisconsin.

18. Regions Bank: $162B

Regions Bank is mostly concentrated in a few Southern states. It has more than 1000 branches and several thousand ATMs.

  • ATMs: About 2,000.
  • Branching There are more than 1,300 branches across 16 states, with the highest levels of branches in Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee.

19. Union Bank: $128B

Union Bank is one of the smaller banks in this list in relation to the number of ATMs and branches It is based just within the West Coast.

  • ATMs more than 450.
  • Branches: About 300 in California, Oregon, and Washington.

20. American Express National Bank: $126B

American Express National Bank is accessible on the internet only. In the early 2022 timeframe, the bank announced its Rewards Checking Account which is open to customers who’ve held the American Express credit card for a minimum of three months. In addition, the bank’s savings rates are among the highest you’ll discover online or elsewhere.

  • ATMs over 37,000 as members of the MoneyPass network.
  • Branches: 0.

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