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Here Is a Billionaire Morning Routine

Being a millionaire is one of many aspects of the American dream. But what is the billionaire status? It might seem as if it’s a fantasy however if the ability to earn a net worth of 10 figures is among your dreams you can get there. One way to accelerate the process is to implement a billion-dollar morning routine.

What is this magical routine that billionaires are talking about? Let’s discuss that.

What is a billionaire’s morning routine?

A billion-dollar morning routine is a list of things that you perform when you first get up. The focus of these activities is the self and taking care of yourself. They’re intended to wake your brain and prepare you to focus on everything you’d like to achieve the next day.

As the title suggests that a billion-dollar morning routine is influenced by the lifestyles of billionaires. It doesn’t have anything outrageous like eating a meal every day, taking cold showers, or getting to the world at 3 a.m.

A billionaire’s morning routine is ideal for any woman seeking to live a more fulfilled, inspired, and valuable life. If you’re looking to be a billionaire or need to clear the credit card balance and create a better life for yourself, you must take a look!

The billionaire’s morning routine

There are myriad routines for daily life that are available. (We also have one about the creation of a millionaire’s daily routine!) All of them are based on setting goals for the day. However, the list of billionaire morning routines appears a little like this:

1. Make sure you have a good night’s sleep

The first thing to do is crucial to prioritize a great night’s rest. It’s difficult when you have long commutes or children running around your home. But, research suggests that when you sleep for 7 hours or more of sleep this reduces stress levels and allows your brain to focus on your goals.

The CDC provides these suggestions to ensure a healthy sleep:

Make sure you are consistent with your sleeping time

You should go to bed at the same time each night, and get up at the same time every morning. You can set an alarm or follow the same thing as Oprah does and rise in a mindful manner when your body is up. (A girl can dream, right?!) If you can experiment, try both methods and decide which is the best for your needs.

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Be sure that your bedroom is quiet and dark.

Consider hotel-style blackout curtains and silence. Listen to your favorite white music, crank down the AC, or switch on the fan if require it. It’s time to take a few zen-like Zzzs.

Do not use electronics during the last 30 minutes prior to the time you go to bed.

Develop the habit of putting away your mobile at least a half hour before you go to bed. Make use of the time to read the book that you have on your nightstand or wash your face, put on your outfit for tomorrow or write a task list for the following day.

2. Do not check your phone at the beginning of the day

Okay, tell me. What’s your first thought as you get your eyes open early in the morning? Most people that are checking their cell phones.

The habit of scrolling on your phone might seem innocent however it could be more harmful than you imagine. Studies show that looking at negative things — whether it’s text messages, an article as well as an email that is urgent can trigger your stress response and prepare your brain for distraction for the remainder of the day.

For your billion-dollar routine in the morning be wary of the urge to read emails or social media news before you wake up. Put your phone down at night until you’re ready to begin your day.

3. Take 8 ounces of water and chug it.

Dehydration can affect your mental performance so drinking a big glass of water early in the morning can help to wake your body up and keep you focused and alert all day. Coffee can also be a diuretic, so drinking eight ounces of fluid will help replenish the fluids that have been which are lost due to your morning cup of coffee.

4. Reflect and meditate

The routines of billionaires in the morning share one thing -the time that is devoted to meditation and thinking. It may appear to be a bit complicated, but it helps you to enter an inner state of peace that allows you to redirect your thoughts to the present.

My favorite methods of meditation and reflection include:

Get a guided meditation of 20 minutes on YouTube

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Write down your gratitude

Say some affirmations

Check any goals you’ve set for the coming week, month, or year.

Create an image board

Try these suggestions a go to incorporate mindfulness into your morning routine.

5. Take a good read for 30 minutes

The first thing you do is start your day by doing something new is a vital element of a billion-dollar routine for a morning. It allows you to focus on your goals and get inspired to get to work.

Therefore, to help you get started taking the time to read a chapter of a self-development manual every morning. (If you are struggling for the time it is possible to restrict it up to 10 or so pages.)

I suggest picking a subject that you are interested in right now. If you’re trying to learn how to invest for the very first time this could be Clever Girl Financial: Discover the basics of investing, and grow Your money.

If you’re looking to break your financial mindset you might be reading You are a Badass in Making Money by Jen Sincero.

If you’re looking to boost their earnings, this could become Clever Girls Finance A Guide to Side Hustle Guide.

6. Make your list of priorities for the day

The next step of our billionaire routine is to write a to-do list of at least two or three things you must do today. This is your top priority. Next, make a shorter list of all the other things that are essential but not urgent.

When you start your day, you must complete every priority in a single session. If you have more time to work on smaller tasks.

Studies show that you could are wasting up to 40 percent of your productivity time when you switch between tasks. Make a list of the top priorities throughout the day and remain focused on the first priority.

7. Exercise

The act of taking the time for movement every early morning has MAJOR advantages. I’m talking about less depression and anxiety and stress levels, as well as better sleep, greater concentration and focus and the list goes on.

You don’t need to be doing anything outrageous like joining a CrossFit gym (unless you’re a fan of it) however, your everyday workout routine might include:

Yoga is a great practice to do

You’re dancing around your home

Doing some exercises for strength

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Participating in an exercise class

A walk around in the neighborhood



When your schedule is full, you can squeeze in an exercise session of 30 minutes at night. Consider also the use of an online trainer to help you stay motivated!

Begin your day today after you’ve completed your morning routine that included billionaires!

That’s many steps. Once you’ve completed your billion-dollar ritual for waking up, it’s set to get your day started with a heightened sense of concentration and clarity! Get to work on that list of tasks and achieve your objectives.

If you’re feeling driven, you can take this billion-dollar routine for your morning and transform it into 30 or one weeks of the challenge. Monitor your mood and performance throughout the challenge to determine what you’re feeling after.

Do you not have the time to complete every item on this billion-dollar routine list? That’s okay!

This list of billionaire routines for mornings isn’t all-or-nothing. You are free to combine and mix items from this list in case you do not find the time or motivation to accomplish everything.

Perhaps you drink a glass of water and do some exercise and then write, meditate, or take a break to read the next. Maybe a routine for the weekend can help too. Find out which activities are most beneficial for your time and mood. In fact, even collaborating on a few of them could have a significant difference in your mood for the rest of your day.

The reason you should consider the billion-dollar routine in the morning even if you do not have the ambition to earn billions

I’m not a billionaire, however, I’ve been following a lot of aspects of the daily routine that billionaires follow for more than six months currently (i.e. getting up early, sipping glasses of water, and journaling as well as reading).

And I can assure you it’s made a massive impact on my mental health. I’m calmer and focused on my job, more grounded, and more motivated when I go about my day.

At the core that’s what a billionaire’s routine for mornings is all about: taking time to plan your goals to accomplish your goals for the week and think about goals, you’d like to reach. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish I guarantee you will gain from this billion-dollar morning routine into action.

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