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High Paying Career That Doesnt Require A Degree

Let’s be honest for a second: there’s a stigma regarding education. Individuals who do not attend colleges are usually seen as less able to earn potentially. However, this is completely wrong in many ways because there are many jobs that pay well with no degree!

You can be successful regardless of your level of education. We’re here to show that.

We’ve come up with a comprehensive list of high-paying jobs that don’t require degrees. If you’re seeking a way to earn money and be the amount you are due, any of the jobs listed here that pay very well without having a degree could be the right choice for you.

Are there jobs that pay well even without a college degree?

Yes, obviously! You can find plenty of jobs that pay high. The fact that you didn’t attend college does not mean you’re limited to earning possibilities.

On average, those who are 25 or older and do not have having a college degree make an average of $827 per week. It’s less than the median bachelor’s pay, but it’s not a fixed figure.

There are many occupations without degrees that pay higher. Let’s examine the most lucrative jobs that don’t require any degree in order to determine which fields are suitable for you.

Work-related jobs that are well-paying without a college degree

These are jobs that require hands-on experience and can be found in a range of fascinating areas. If you’re looking to gain knowledge in the field and you are interested in learning on the job, then consider one of these possibilities.

1. Operator of the power plant

Median salary $947,000/year (operators as well as distributors and dispatchers from BLS)

Power plant operators are among of the most lucrative jobs with no need for having a degree. You’d be responsible for controlling the machines that produce electricity and then distributing it to the cities.

You may have already guessed, that it’s a bit of high-pressure work. It’s typical to work 12 or 8-hour shifts in an annual rotation.

It is necessary to complete plenty of on-the-job training to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to oversee your plant, but the annual average salary is a great one.

2. Elevator repairer and installer

Median pay: $97.860/year

Are you a person with a talent to fix things? If yes, then you could put your talents to good application as an elevator repairer or installer as well to be among the best pay jobs.

It is your job to work in the crawl spaces and machines rooms to ensure that an elevator works properly. Be sure to be scared of high heights! It’s also not unusual to be directly working in the elevator shaft.

Do not fret if you’re not an elevator master you’ll learn everything you need to know during an apprenticeship.

3. Detective or police officer

The median salary is $66,020/year

Being an officer in the police force or a detective means that you are able to defend individuals. You’ll solve cases and bring criminals to justice. That includes collecting evidence, apprehending suspects, and calming dangers.

Naturally, there are many risks associated with working as a police officer. The job can be stressful and demanding, which is why it’s not suitable for all. Although it’s among the positions that pay decently without a college degree, you’ll have to take police training in order to obtain your badge.

4. Railroad workers

The median wage is $64150/year

It’s true that your childhood dream of becoming a train conductor could be a reality. Railroad workers are more than just conduct. It is their duty to make sure that trains run on time and in compliance with safety standards.

What you do at work is dependent on the role you play. Conductors are likely to travel with the train however, a railroad employee might be within the yard for the entire day to control switches. Although you don’t require an education, you’ll usually require a couple of months of training on the job for a full-time job.

5. Electrician

The median wage is $60,000/year

Make your life more exciting as an electrician. It’ll certainly boost your savings account! You’ll be accountable for installing repairs, maintaining, and maintaining lighting, power, communications, and much more in the homes and in buildings.

The life of an electrician is a full-time job. It is commonplace to move in your job from one job to the next (not to mention a lot of overtime) However, the money is worth it.

Most importantly, you don’t require to attend college. You’ll learn everything you must know in an apprenticeship.

6. Plumber, Pipefitter, or Steamfitter

Median salary: $59,880/year

There’s an explanation for why Mario is always looking for gold coins. Mario is earning money at his job and you can too. Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters are all involved in fixing and maintaining pipe equipment and systems. they are well-paying jobs with no degrees.

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The workplace can be in residential or commercial structures. You could also face numerous emergency calls to handle because plumbing emergencies generally don’t wait until the morning. Another job offers an apprenticeship program to help you learn everything you need to know about working in this area.

7. Ironworkers

Median salary Yearly pay: $57,160

Are you as tough as steel? Perhaps being an ironworker could be your dream job! The job requires the installation of structures with structural steel or iron while construction of bridges, roads, and other structures.

The job isn’t for weak of heart. You’ll be often high on platforms doing physically demanding tasks however, it’s also one of the most lucrative jobs with no degree. In addition, you’ll need an apprenticeship to start.

8. Commercial pilot

Median pay Median pay: $99,640

If you’re interested in flying and are looking for jobs that pay well, without a degree, you could become a commercial pilot. This is a bit different from airline pilots. Training is still required however, you’ll be able to take on a myriad of flight options, including taking skydiver passengers to their destinations or for an air ambulance pilot.

It’s an excellent job for those who love adventures and is among the highest-paying jobs with no need for any degree.

9. Sheet metal worker

Median salary annual salary of $53,440

Another kind that construction workers work in is sheet metal workers. This involves the fabrication and installation of items made of thin sheets of metal.

Similar to other jobs in the labor market the position is strenuous. You’ll be bent as well as climbing and squatting while you move the metal sheets into position. The trade will be learned through an apprenticeship.

If you are looking to work in an office environment, These are the ideal jobs. Here are the top positions that do not require a college diploma in the field of administration.

10. Claims adjuster

Median salary is $65,080/year

In the role of a claims adjuster you’ll be the person responsible for evaluating claims, and then either approving or denial of the claims. Since insurance claims can occur in a myriad of locations and situations, you’ll usually have to leave the office. It is necessary to examine the damages in person before making your decision.

Although certain jobs do require the completion of a bachelor’s program you’ll still be able to find those which do not. You’ll acquire all the information you need in the field.

11. Executive Assistant

Median salary is $62,060/year

If you’re an executive assistant you’ll be basically a manager’s right-hand person. That means you’ll need to prepare reports of high importance as well as conduct research and take care of any requests for information.

You must ensure that you’re a person who can be a leader because you’ll be taking phone calls and arranging meetings. You may even receive visitors.

The only thing you need for this job is previous experience in the field, excellent interpersonal skills, and excellent computer skills. This is one of the best jobs that pay very well even without a college degree and the position could lead to a wide range of possibilities. It’s not unusual for executive assistants to transition into managerial positions.

Paying jobs that are well-paying, even without the need for a degree in sales

Perhaps you’re adept at highlighting all positive aspects of a product. You would love to earn a profit. Sales jobs might be perfect for you!

12. Sales representative for manufacturing and wholesale

Average salary: $69,540/year

Manufacturing or wholesale sales representative is among the best jobs with no college degree. Why? There’s always money to be made from sales!

Particularly in manufacturing and wholesale. This could mean closing agreements with organizations, businesses as well as government agencies.

Remember that the majority of sales jobs are paid on commissions. Therefore, you must be an effective salesperson who is able to sell anything in order to be successful in this job.

So long as you’re selling anything that is too technological or scientific then you’ll need nothing other than a high school diploma to start.

13. Insurance sales agent

Median salary: $49,840/year

There are many kinds of insurance policies available and selling them to clients could earn you substantial commissions. You’ll visit with your customers to find them the policy that best meets their requirements, and respond to their inquiries.

Another person-oriented job This job is based on your being open and friendly. There’s a lot of paperwork to be completed. The majority of states do not require you to possess an academic degree, although there may be a need for training.

It is also necessary to be licensed in the state you reside in. If you are able to jump through the hurdles, this could be another job that pays well, even without a college degree.

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14. Real estate agent

Median salary is $48,340/year

If you’re a huge fan of “House Hunters,” maybe it’s time you turn your passion into a business opportunity. Being an agent in real estate means you can help people purchase and sell their houses, and it’s among the jobs that pay a good salary without having the need for a degree.

It’s some effort, however. The weekends will be devoted to house tours, which means that you won’t be working an ordinary 9-to-5 schedule.

The majority of states do not require an education degree from a university. They will however require you to attend licensing classes to be certified and also take a licensing test.

Real estate agents are a profession that isn’t capped in terms of how big you’d prefer. Of course, it’s only if you’re willing to do the effort, and it could be one of the most lucrative jobs that don’t require a degree.

Jobs that are oriented towards people and pay well even without having a college degree

Do you enjoy helping others and enjoy interacting with a variety of people in your daily life? Look at these friendly high-paying jobs with no qualifications.

15. Specialists in hearing aids

The median salary is $59,500/year.

Another position that can help people is the hearing aid specialist is responsible to choose and install hearing aids for consumers. You’ll be able to be a significant influencer here in helping make the process easier for individuals to be heard.

As an expert in hearing aids requires one-on-one interaction with your clients. It is also possible that you will require technical expertise since you’ll need to determine the effectiveness of hearing aids.

Apart from that having a high school degree is all that is needed for this profession and it’s among the most rewarding jobs that doesn’t require any degree.

16. FedEx driver

Average salary: $52,717/year

FedEx has a lot of high-paying jobs for its drivers. If you’re an avid driver and you like an established routine, this job could be the right one for you. Deliver boxes or other items at various points along the route.

It’s a fantastic customer service option if want to earn a decent income but don’t want to attend school, and also if you want to interact with a variety of people during the day.

17. Flight attendant

Median salary $61 640/year

Do you like people and love traveling across the globe? It could be a good idea to become a flight attendant, which is of the best jobs with no need for having a degree.

Although you’ll need to go through some classes and handle a variety of clients during the day, there are a few advantages to this job.

The majority of airlines offer standby at no cost for flight attendants. Also, you’ll get the chance to meet people from all over the globe. If you’re keen to travel and aren’t averse to working long hours, this may be the perfect job for you.

If you frequently work on various projects and possess an amazing imagination You will likely enjoy working in a creative field. Here are a few of the top ones.

18. Writer/author

The Median annual salary $69,510

Writing or being an author usually means that you work according to your own schedule, wherever you want however, you could be subject to deadlines for writing.

If you’re good to speak or excelled in your literature or language classes, you might be capable of making a career of it or even be able to do it in the short term when you’re working.

There are numerous writing specialties, and certain areas like white papers, blogging and sales can earn very high salaries. For those who prefer to set up their own blogs, the earning the potential is endless. You could even work this part-time job and earn a decent amount of money.

19. Social media manager

Average annual salary: $71,216.

You don’t require a degree for this job, you just need knowledge. If you are a fan of social media and want to oversee and plan the accounts of others it’s a fantastic job. If you’re inventive and adept in marketing, you’ll be able to excel in this job.

It doesn’t require an undergraduate degree in four years to do this happen, but it’s helpful that you’re able to perform a variety of tasks such as you’re the ability to edit videos or photographs or are proficient at writing.

20. Artistes in makeup

Median salary annual salary of $75,730 (performance and theatre)

Are you creative and stylish? Are you a pro at creating makeup styles for a long time? A career as a professional makeup artist could be a modest move and earn you a decent income.

It is possible that you will need an esthetician or cosmetology license, and of course you’ll need to do often to become an expert. Once you have qualifications and experience, this can be an exciting job, and one of the jobs that pays well, even without a college degree.

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Are you fascinated by computers and enjoy everything tech-related? These lucrative jobs that pay well without qualifications could be exactly the job you’ve been looking for!

21. Cyber security analyst

Average annual salary: $112,974.

An analyst in cyber security is one of the most lucrative jobs that do not require a degree. It is ideal for people who are passionate about computers and excel in technology.

Cyber security analysts protect from cyber-attacks and malware. There’s no need for a degree to start as well, and you’ll also earn an impressive average wage.

22. Web developer

Median salary annual salary of $77,200

Web developers create websites and websites, which is a very important skill in the present. Additionally, if you’ve got web design or graphic design abilities, that’s more valuable.

You can easily be freelancer for a long time and earn some money by designing websites for companies and for business.

23. Mystery shopper

Pay: $21.35 per hour

In the role of a mystery shopper you can shop at different shops and dine in numerous eateries. Your task is to evaluate your experience and offer feedback to the business to enable them to make improvement.

If you’re looking for jobs in the field of mystery shopping, be certain to look for businesses that are part of MSPA Americas. MSPA Americas; a trade group composed of legitimate mystery-shopping companies.

The most popular sites to search for jobs as a mystery shopper include BestMark and A Closer View.

Apply for jobs and be hired that pay well even without any degree

It’s great to know that there are lucrative jobs in many various areas that don’t require a college degree. But how do you find the job you want? Follow these tips.

Be in the right frame of mind

The first step is to have a positive mental attitude. If you’re in search of an opportunity to take over your current job Be patient with your search. However when you’re in need of an immediate job you should know that it’s fine to find an employment that will pay the bills while you look for the position of your dreams.

Also, consider continuing your education with programs and certifications. Even if you do not want to earn an academic degree, the position you’re seeking might require you to know specific details. Learn more!

Find work that pays well, even without the need for a degree

Where can you find new opportunities? Begin with job boards such as Indeed and then look for opportunities. If you’re feeling like you’ve exhausted your alternatives, consider networking with LinkedIn or speaking with friends and acquaintances about potential opportunities.

Make sure to refresh your resume and to create new connections that can lead you to get a new job. Always be honest and friendly!

Tips for interviewing to land work that pays well even without any degree

Prepare for the interview. Choose a professional attire that you are comfortable in. Learn to answer questions and ensure that you keep your resume as current and attractive as you can.

Making a great first impression isn’t everything. Be sure to make sure you take the time following the interview to record notes. It wouldn’t harm to send a thank-you email as well.

Plan your earnings

If you’re lucky, pursuing a career in a new area that you like can also bring an increase in your salary. (Especially when you select one of the lucrative jobs that we’ve included within our selection.) It is important to be organized with a financial plan to support the increase in earnings.

Make sure you’ve got an established budget and don’t use every penny you earn. Instead, look for strategies to reduce your expenses and save the money you don’t have to spend on expenses so that you can maximize this opportunity to earn money.

There are plenty of jobs that pay very well even without needing a degree!

The need for a college degree isn’t a necessity so when you’re working in a field that’s right for you. Work opportunities that offer good pay even without having a degree are right readily available. In addition, with no student loan hanging over your head and limiting your earning potential, you can earn a decent income immediately.

It will be much simpler to make a sound financial plan for your ideal life. All you have to think about after you’ve been hired is creating your perfect self-assessment to complete the annual check-up!

The jobs listed here are lucrative careers without any formal education. However, remember that the process of building wealth has less to be about making six figures, and more to deal with the way you handle and plan your earnings! If you need more help managing your money, take a look at our courses for free.

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