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How to Make More Gas Money and Save at the Pump

No one ever had a pleasurable time filling up their car with petrol. However, it’s possible to feel downright awful these days. Petrol prices have been steadily rising over the last few months. That, along with growing inflation, flat income, and skyrocketing costs of living, gives the impression that we’re stuck in a never-ending cycle.

Here, however, are several tried-and-true methods for earning extra cash and saving money at the pump.

1. Using an App to Find the Cheapest Gas Prices

Finding the cheapest gas in your neighborhood could take an entire afternoon of your time and energy. Who, on the other hand, has that much time? Not to mention the petrol you’d use while searching.

Instead of doing all the work yourself, why not use an app? It’s easy to find a gas station on a route you’re already planning to take thanks to apps like GasBuddy and Waze. Plan ahead of time to avoid running out of gas and having to go shopping.

If you’re planning a road trip, you may want to check where gas costs are lower along the way to see if you can save money. Avoid filling up at gas stations near highway exits or in the midst of a major city, as these locations tend to charge more than those further away.

2. Earn up to $83 in gas money by winning solitaire games on this app.

Playing Solitaire on our phones is something that a lot of us already do for enjoyment or to kill time. Why not try your luck and find out?

You may play for real money with the free iPhone game Solitaire Cash. With a single win, you might earn as much as $83.

Surely, there must be some sort of complication here. No doubt, this is one of those “spam” apps.

Wrong. There isn’t any catch to speak of. Even if you choose to pay to play in any of the higher-level events, you are under no obligation to do so. Furthermore, you won’t be bothered by any intrusive advertising.

You’ll face off against a minimum of five other players in each game. Because everyone is dealt the identical hand, the winner is determined only by their own abilities. If you can solve the deck in under three minutes, you might earn anywhere from $1 to $83.

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It has over a million downloads and more than 15,000 reviews on the App Store, with an average rating of 4.7 stars (out of 5).

To begin, simply download the free app and begin playing your first game right away.

3. Use This Secret Debit Card in 3rd Place

If you’re not using the Aspiration debit card, you’re missing out on a significant amount of money. And who doesn’t need a little additional money right now?

Yep. debit card called Aspiration that gives you up to 5% back when you swipe at certain retailers, as well as up to 50 times the national interest rate on your savings amount.

Use it to buy products you already have on your list and earn some additional money. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to earn some more cash while you’re at it?

There was a long waiting list for this card, but now you may sign up for it at no charge.

To see how much extra money you can get with your free Aspiration account, simply enter your email address and bank account information here. Also, don’t be alarmed. FDIC-insured and military-grade encrypted, your money is safe. That’s nerd slang for “this is completely risk-free.” “

4. Use Your News Time to Put $225 in Your Wallet for Gas.

News coverage this year has been unprecedented, and we’re all constantly checking for new developments. News junkies who think they’re constitutional scholars or foreign policy experts are undoubtedly all around you.

However, this might not be the best news for your dining table – but it’s fantastic news for your wallet! Signing up for a free InboxDollars account might result in monthly savings of up to $225. While you’re watching tonight’s program, you’ll be presented with a variety of brief surveys to pick from.

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InboxDollars will continue to pay you each month if you respond honestly. Despite the fact that it appears too good to be true, it has already paid out more than $56 million to its members.

In less than a minute, you can sign up and earn paid as you watch the news.

5. Rather than relying on a credit or debit card, use cash.

Paying with cash rather of a credit card can save you money at some petrol stations. It’s a ploy to get out of paying the fees associated with accepting credit cards. Some gas stations accept debit cards for payment, while others do not. If you’re not sure, call the station ahead of time or just pay with cash when you get to the pump.

You may win up to $83 each win playing bingo on your phone.

If so, how often do you play games on your mobile device for pleasure? You should investigate whether or not you may profit from it as well.

You may play for real money with the free Bingo Cash iPhone app. It is possible to win up to $83 for each victory.

The conventional Bingo structure is used in Bingo Cash, where you compete against other players of the same skill level as yourself. Everyone is given the same Bingo board and the same number of balls to play with. Real money can be won by the top three players in a game, ranging from $1 to $83.

No strings attached, either. Also, there aren’t any advertising. Play for free or pay to compete in higher-stake tournaments are both options available.

Start playing your first game as soon as you download the free software. Today, you could win money.

Before the Week Ends

When it comes to gas costs, Mondays and Fridays tend to be the cheapest days, a departure from a few years ago, according to GasBuddy’s 2022 gas price analysis. If you want to save money on gas, steer clear of the pump on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. These are the days when gas is most expensive.

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Make Sure You’re Driving Safely

Small changes in behavior can have a significant impact on one’s monthly gas bill. A few to keep an eye on are as follows:

Slow down: Generally, the more gas you use, the faster you accelerate. When accelerating to motorway speeds, use caution with the pedal. So keep an eye out for potential stops and turns so you may coast more and obtain higher gas mileage.
Reduce your idling time: Not only does it contribute to pollution, but it also costs you money in gas. When you return home, don’t sit in the driveway and check your phone while you’re waiting for your car to cool off.
Tire pressure should be checked: According to the US Department of Energy, driving with underinflated tires can reduce your gas mileage by 3 cents per gallon.
Check the gas cap: Gas can escape from a tank if the seal is damaged or the cap is missing. You’ll spend money, and the air will be polluted as a result.
Reduce the mass of your vehicle to improve your fuel economy. Get rid of everything you’ve been carrying about that you don’t need.
There’s a reason why carpooling is so popular. Whenever possible, form a carpool with neighbors, friends, or coworkers.
Close Your Auto Insurance Policy

The last time you shopped around for auto insurance, how long has it been? There’s a good chance you’re paying way too much for your existing coverage.

Look for a new auto insurance quote at least six months after your last one expired.

SmartFinancial, an online marketplace, offers rates as low as $22 a month, saving you more than $700 a year in interest.

One minute of your time is all that is needed to acquire quotations from different insurance companies, allowing you to compare the best rates. Yes, you can save $715 this year in just one minute. That’s a significant sum of money back in your bank account.

Check your auto insurance rates if you haven’t done so recently to see if you may save money.

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