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Part-Time Job That Pays You to Sleep and Wear Pajamas to Work

No, I haven’t heard about the company that will pay you to go to bed.

Yes, I mean it. For a fee, one corporation would like people to sleep on its beds at night.

Casper, a mattress firm that has been operating in New York since2014, is interested in hiring people to sleep for a livelihood— both in their stores and in “unexpected locations out in the world.” Casper wants to pay “Casper Sleepers.”

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This isn’t a sleep study, and there won’t be any sleep deprivation or psychoanalysis involved. You’re getting paid to do nothing but sleep.

According to Casper, their ideal candidate is an exceptional sleeper who is able to sleep through anything, wants to sleep as much as possible, and isn’t afraid to be on camera and talk about their experiences in videos for social media channels. Casper’s dream candidate would also want to sleep as much as possible.

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Part-time work is required for this snoozing specialized role. (Do you have a side hustle?) Casper promises to give you freebies and allow you to work in your PJs.

To be eligible, you will need to be at least 18 years old and preferably reside in the New York area, though being a native or resident of New York is not essential.

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You must submit your application before the deadline of August 11 and upload a video to TikTok with the hashtag #CasperSleepers.

What about a paid nap now?

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