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How to Buy a Blog and Start Making Money Fast From It

You’re considering buying a blog? If yes, you are at the right spot, as we are going to be learning how you can buy a blog and earn from it.

You’ll need to spend some time learning how to purchase a blog the right way to ensure you get a blog that will grow and return your investment.

These blog acquisition best practices can make your journey to owning this asset type financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.

How to buy a blog and make money from it: 6 Steps Guide

Find a niche you care about

Verify Original Content

Understanding the Business Operations of the Blog you’re buying

Analyze your blog’s traffic statistics

Analyze existing revenue and potential growth

Start the blog acquisition process

Let’s get to it.

1. Find a niche you care about

Unless you are hiring someone to manage your blog for you, it is important to purchase a blog that you are passionate about or at least know a lot about.

You might choose to focus on cooking, hiking (like Hike With Ryan), writing, personal finances, marketing, travel, and fitness, or parenting. But it’s important that you buy a blog in an area you care about.

You’ll feel more confident in creating content that resonates with your audience if you choose to purchase a blog within your field or niche.

There’s a good chance that a blog exists already in a saturated and competitive online market. That’s why it is important to focus on your content.

If you are interested in writing about vegan cuisine, then you might focus your search on a blog that caters to newly-transitioned vegans and provides step-by-step recipes.

After you have decided on the blog to acquire, a solid blog strategy will help you expand your blog’s reach after you purchase it.

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2. Verify Original Content

Now you have narrowed down the niche that you wish to explore. You should run a plagiarism test before you buy a blog. This will ensure that the content is unique and original.

Copyscape is a website that allows you to search the internet for original content and duplicates.

It is possible to find similar content online, but this may not be cause for concern.

This research is important before you buy a blog. It will reveal how saturated the niche is. That’s why you need to focus your search on blogs that have original content and not repurposed material that doesn’t help you achieve your goals.

3. Understanding the Business Operations of the Blog you’re buying

You may be thousands of miles from the blog seller.

Meet the owner, either in person or virtual, if possible. Ask questions and get insight into everything.

It is possible that meeting the seller of a blog might not be an option. This is okay. Flippa.com allows you to view chat forums for a specific listing. These discussion boards are a great place to ask questions or read the posts.

To fully support the blog, you must understand what it needs. Does the blog have a team that takes care of certain aspects? Is the owner currently using blog content writing services?

Consider any additional blog posts that might be necessary to keep this blog running.

Consider all the components that support the blog, and then ask yourself what you’d need to keep it going.

You may need to transition the team of the previous owner so they can continue working with your company, or you could do it completely on your own.

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No matter what decision you make regarding your blog, you should have a solid strategy and clear blogging goals that will help you run it well over the long term.

4. Analyze your blog’s traffic statistics

When buying a blog, traffic is the first thing you should consider. Google Analytics allows you to check the source and effectiveness of marketing efforts on a blog.

It’s crucial to plan traffic generation strategies that will allow your blog to grow as you become the next owner.

You should also consider any advertising costs that you might need to generate consistent traffic.

Third-party reports such as SEMrush can give buyers insight into the site’s traffic and health. Flippa has teamed up with SEMRush in order to offer this valuable tool for website and blog buyers at a minimal cost.

It is essential to understand the source of the traffic to a blog and make sure that your interests and skills match those sources.

You should also make sure that you purchase any additional assets such as YouTube videos, email subscribers, social media accounts, or YouTube videos that a blog may have. These assets will help drive traffic to your blog over the coming months and years.

5. Analyze existing revenue and potential growth

Before you buy a blog, it is important to do a thorough revenue check.

You can ask any questions about revenue spikes and dips by checking a blog’s financial history. It also helps if financial statements are made public.

You can then use a magnifying lens to really understand the blog’s income.

Is the blog using affiliate marketing or sponsored ads

Is it able to generate monthly revenue via Google AdSense

Is it dependent on organic traffic alone?

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Is revenue seasonal? Are there highs and lows in the revenue?

These questions will help you understand the profit margins of a blog before you buy it.

Flippa has built-in integrations such as WooCommerce and Stripe that enable you to verify a blog’s revenue. You should look at the revenue source for the past year and not just the most recent statements.

6. Start the blog acquisition process

After you have completed all the above steps, you can begin the process of buying a blog. The owner will then transfer any supporting assets such as email subscription lists, passwords, and social media accounts.

Depending on the method you choose, having a broker or expert on your side can help you feel confident about your purchase decision.

They can help you navigate the blog’s valuation process, point out blind spots and deal with any legalities.

Flippa’s Escrow feature allows third parties to hold large amounts of money and digital assets in order to protect the seller and buyer during the acquisition process.

This is a crucial time to ensure everything runs smoothly before you take over your blog. It will also help you to learn more about those who are selling it.

Do You Want to Buy a Blog?

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s been a long process to learn how to buy a website. It’s now time to find the perfect blog acquisition target and get down to the fun stuff.

Focus on the ways you can grow your blog and make your site stand out from others by creating unique content. Remember to have fun!

Flippa has active listings. Follow these best practices if you are looking to purchase a blog.

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